Dieting Made Simple

In this world of complex choices, it seems as though even choosing the right diet is no longer a simple decision. We have hundreds of different diet programs out there. Each one promises the same result: weight loss. But each one offers its own unique approach. Each one touts itself as the easiest diet to follow, the one most closely aligned with the way humans were meant to eat, the one that promises the quickest weight loss results, and this, that, and the other.

Oftentimes we get too caught up in overanalyzing each diet and never actually get around to starting any given diet. Or, if we do attempt a particular diet, we are too quick to give up on it, either because we lack the motivation to maintain it, or the diet requires excessive amounts of sacrifice and deprivation, making it difficult to resist the temptation to cheat on the diet.

If you want dieting made simple, you need to find a diet plan that meets the following criteria:

  1. The diet caters to your cravings so that you do not feel deprivation.
  2. The diet keeps you feeling satisfied so that you are not left hungry or starving.
  3. The diet gives you some leeway, some degree of flexibility to “cheat”, to prevent you from caving in to a larger temptation that could completely sabotage your diet efforts.
  4. The diet does not break your budget by requiring you to go out and stock your refrigerator with all diet-related foods.
  5. The diet is healthy and sustainable on a long-term basis and bears no risk of long-term complications.
  6. The diet guarantees rapid, steady weight loss.
  7. The diet offers a plan for maintaining your weight once you lose it, so as not to gain any weight back.
  8. The diet does not take you out of your comfort zone.
  9. The diet does not require you to exercise, although exercise is never a bad thing.
  10. The diet does not deprive your body of any vital nutrients which could cause malnourishment by mandating you to cut out or eliminate any particular nutrient in favor of another.

If you want dieting made simple, then you need to find a diet plan that meets all of the criteria enumerated above. Most of the diet plans in existence today fail to meet all 10 of them. But once you find the one, you will find dieting to be a pleasant, easy, and even transparent part of your life. By transparent, is meant that you would not even realize that you are on a diet.

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